International Summer School on Companion Technology

Theory and Application

September 9-13, 2017 in Ulm, Germany

This year's Summer School on Companion Technology will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Companion Technology in Ulm, Germany. Therefore, we have a special focus on the theory of companion technology, presenting various perspectives of this field of research. In addition, the participants will have the possibility to discuss and test the presented technology.

The summer school's aim is to present the fundamental aspects of the companion theory, which can be discussed in an interdisciplinary context. There are three main fields to consider: psychology regarding the interpretation of emotions, computer science and information technology regarding classification and planning, and human-machine interaction (HMI) research. Especially the HMI context provides a link between theory and application which receives special attention in this summer school. Therefore, we invited experts introducing applications in the field of companion agents and cognitive robotics. But we should not forget that companion theory and technology are also based on research in neuroscience. Therefore, we encourage the participants to contribute to experiments showing the neurological basics connected to assistance and HMI.

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ISSCT is constituted by a multidisciplinary and multinational organising committee. To learn more about the summer school organisers please follow the link below.

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Find a map of the summerschool location and transporation information below.

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ISSCT presents a board of international lecturers covering a wide perspective of companion technology in theory and application. To check out the multidisciplinary board of lecturers follow the link below.

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Instructions for participants

Each interested person has to submit a motivational letter explaining why she/he is willing participate in the summer school.

Furthermore, each summer school participant is encouraged to submit a position paper to the IEEE International Conference on Companion Technology.

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