International Summer School on Companion Technology

Call for Participation


Paper Version

A PDF of the Call for Participation is available here.


The application deadline is August 4, 2017.
For this, a motivational letter (two pages maximum) and a CV should be send to Further, we also accept applications for one of the ten available travel grants (up to an upper limit). The travel grant are intended to cover the travel costs to the summer school's venue. Therefore, the application has to provide an additional list of estimated travel costs to Ulm.

Furthermore, we invite the participants to submit a position paper on their research topic to the IEEE International Conference on Companion Technology on special deadline conditions.
For further information refer to

Travel Grants

Currently, ten travel grants are provided by the IEEE-SMC branch. These grants are intended to cover the travel expenses (fixed rate). Please notice that the covered expenses are subject to an upper limit (at the moment). Therefore, please provide an estimation of the real travel costs (at least a screenshot of flight "offers") during application.
Particular questions regarding the grants can be send to


Companion technology is a trending research direction that gained a lot of interest from the industry in the recent years. Therefore, the summer school's aim is to present the fundamental aspects of the companion theory which can be discussed in an interdisciplinary context. There are three main fields to consider: psychology regarding the interpretation of emotions, computer science and information technology regarding classification and planning, and human-machine interaction (HMI) research. Especially the HMI context provides a link between theory and application which receives special attention in this summer school. Therefore, we invited experts introducing applications in the field of companion agents and cognitive robotics. In between, the companion theory and technology is also based on research in neurosciences. Therefore, we encourage the participants to contribute to experiments showing the neurological basics which are connected to assistance and HMI.
This year’s edition is intended for students on Master and early PhD level. In particular, attendees will be able to extend their knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects of companion technology such as:

  • Companion theory
  • Companion agents and cognitive robotics
  • Psychology and neurosciences
  • Human-machine interaction.
Since the ISSCT 2017 will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Companion Technology, we invite all participants to submit a position paper on their research topic to the conference on special deadline conditions.
The International Summer School on Companion Technology is a great opportunity for you to learn about a new technology, meet other students, discuss your ideas with experts, participant on an international conference and simply enjoy your time in the city of Albert Einstein!